Ahri and Vayne by Purple Bitch and Amber Hallibell

Mikasa from AOT by Fairy Elfie

Ada Wong by Purple Bitch

Sakura by Purple Bitch

Ahri by Purple Bitch

Bowsette and Boosette by Purple Bitch and Alice Bong

Do-S by Purple Bitch

Mavis by Purple Bitch

Lady Ursa by Rainbow Satanica

Mavis[Hotel Transylvania] by Purple Bitch

Jackie Pumpkinhead by Rainbow Satanica

2B from Nier Automata by Fairy Elfie

Jolyne Kujoh (by Red Lily) [Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure]

Flora Melodica by Rainbow Satanica

Tamamo from Fate by NekoNuriko

Female wrestlers(Purple Bitch and KsuColt)

She-wolf by Dark Rei Official (self)

Mlada Alicia by Rainbow Satanica

Female wrestlers (Purple Bitch and KsuColt)

Ms. Christina Emmanuel Benoit by Rainbow Satanica

Female wrestlers by Purple Bitch and KsuColt

Helsie (KanjiArtwork)


Bunny Girl Kai’sa (VelvetQueenH)